It's the Sensor Stupid

Columbia Vision Laboratory’s prototype gigapixel camera.

If you’re a fan of mirrorless cameras than you know a DSRL doesn’t need one and, as we learn from the NYT, may not need lenses either. The future of images is in data, or put simply, “capture light, and then use algorithms to do things with it.”

Columbia Vision Laboratory’s prototype gigapixel camera uses a glass sphere to gather light instead of a lens. Instead of arranging light into an image on the sensor, the camera collects as much light as possible by moving the five-megapixel sensor around the sphere, and then reconstructs an image. While this prototype has one sensor, the final version would have a cup of sensors around half the sphere.

It was in the 70s, with Eastman invented the digital camera, and now Sony has, “Has taken great interest in HDR sensor technology. ” We can confirm this via another source, Sigma’s CEO  who in a lengthy interview said

To us, it is very clear that Sony will be the major player in the photo industry. Because they have sensor technology.

Mirrorless to lensless? We’ll see and starting tomorrow we’re at CES looking for just that. Stay tuned.


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