Media Reactions to Sony a6300 and G Master Lenses

When applause broke out in a room of jaded journalists, I knew Sony had met and exceeded expectations for a lens line to pair with their very successful Alpha Series cameras. Updating the a6000 was expected — Sony is on a 6 month rev schedule — because they had updated the a7s and a7r last year. Lenses were too, but nothing so spectacular as a new brand focused on creative professionals. Immediately following the speeches, we were all handed a camera with a lens and shot various studio scenes and left with the SD card. The table of 80 a7rs was so impressive, I asked if I could lay on it and was denied. You ever seen 80 A7rs on a table? Neither had we and it was impressive like the images we took and shared yesterday.

Later, at dinner the media we talked to were enthused as well. Here’s a sampling their reactions:

And another video from the event.

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