How NOT To Photograph Volcanoes in Hawaii

As a vacationer and photographer who visits Maui annually, this video reminds me of how not to behave. The last thing I want to hear while visiting a tourist destination is a Brit narrating his YouTube edit, which is what we see here.

While to some, like PetaPixel, he’s some sort of a photog hero. In the video at least, he’s self-important, indulgent, and lucky he didn’t get that camera smashed by a tourist after he played park ranger. I’m actually with the guy in the background mocking him for apparently taking the most important photo in the world or offering tips like, “wait until the water recedes to get the volcanic glow.”

I don’t know Heaton’s work, I’m sure he’s a famous YouTuber…also pretty sure he wasn’t on assignment for NatGeo or another prestigious outlet. He had a similar experience in Yosemite; also, complaining about the tourist while at a tourist location.

His job seems to be interrupting everyone else’s experience; maybe, he should make a quick Brexit with his camera and tripod.

A couple tips: shoot where the tourist aren’t or get there before or after they leave.

I shot a volcano last year and will be back on Maui next week…..

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