Capture One Pro 10 Walkthrough Video

cop_sponsoredWhile Lightroom dominates the digital photography software market, Capture One Pro is a powerful alternative—despite the fact that many photographers even know that it exists. We’re working with the company that makes the software, Phase One, to share content about incorporating Capture One into your workflow and let you know there’s another choice in editing after Aperture was end of lifed by Apple.

Capture One Pro 10 is impressive because of it’s tremendous growth in performance and features over the last few years, thanks in part to the 2010 purchase of Expression Media from Microsoft, which gave the program the robust asset management capabilities of iView Media Pro. For former fans of Aperture, Capture One provides a much closer feature set than Lightroom.

In this video walkthrough from our friends at Digital Photography Pro, Phase One’s David Grover shares the features that set Capture One Pro apart from Lightroom and shows off the newest features in Capture One Pro 10. There’s also talk about the new speed of the Capture One Pro 10 RAW engine, the differences between Lightroom and Capture One Pro’s interface, the new sharpening tools, and more.


If you’re interested in using Capture One Pro 10, download it from their site and get to work. Note that it’s the same download for any version shared below and on the start up screen you pick the run mode.

  • Capture One Pro 10 – full version – works with all camera models.  $299 USD or $99 USD if you upgrade from version 8 or 9.
  • Capture One Pro 10 (for Sony) – Only works with Sony models – $50 USD or $40 USD if you upgrade from Capture One Pro 9 (for Sony)
  • Capture One Express 10 (for Sony) – Free

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