Overseas Press Club Photo Awards

If you’re looking for inspiration or just admiring the work of photographers, the Times just swept the Overseas Press Club Photo Awards. They were recognized for

Exceptional courage and enterprise.

That’s not something you typically see on Instagram’s stream of selfies.  Daniel Berehulak won the Oliver Rebbot Award for his coverage of murders of drug users in the Philippines who were targeted by President Rodrigo Duterte. Meredith Kohut won for her photo essay “Inside Venezuela’s Crumbling Mental Hospitals.” And, Times photographer Tomás Munita received a special citation in the feature category for his poetic photographs of Cuba on the edge of change.

Thrilled with the awards, David Furst, the Times’s international photo editor said, “I’m particularly proud of the range of Times photography that was awarded and recognized this year?”

A woman sharing a taxi ride to Santiago de Cuba. Cuba can feel like a nation abandoned. The aching disrepair of its cities, the untamed foliage of its countryside, the orphaned coastlines — a half-century of isolation has wrapped the country in decay. Yet few places in the world brim with as much life, a contrast drawn sharper amid its faded grandeur. Tomas Munita for The New York Times

It is quite the range: war, street, family, and poverty. I’d like to see how many frames, on average it took to get these shots. When asked the how of the pieces, Michele McNally, the Times’s director of photography, was concise.

You take an incredibly talented group of photographers, put them on the most important stories, and let it run as long as it needs to!

That’s not instant at all, but for a feature story, like the ice caves.

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