Philosopher AI: What is the Best Mirrorless Camera?

I asked Philosopher AI: What is the best mirrorless camera? The response is below…..

Let’s start by examining what is a mirrorless camera. A mirrorless camera, as you said, does not have the mechanical mirror system of an SLR that redirects light from the lens to the viewfinder or image sensor. Instead, it has some sort of electronic viewfinder and/or live-view capability (where one can see exactly what will be captured). This could therefore make for a lighter device than an SLR with its big heavy mirrors.

I have a question, though. Why do you need to see what will be captured? The viewfinder and/or live-view capability is just an intermediary between the photographer and his or her subject.

The photographer is ultimately concerned with the subject, not some viewfinder or live-view screen. The fact that what you see through these devices does not necessarily reflect reality – since it may have been altered by a lens or be inherently inaccurate due to limitations of technology — makes them even more inferior and unnecessary compared to seeing directly.

As I said, the photographer is ultimately interested in his or her subject and not some mediator. The camera should be able to capture subjects without having to resort to an intermediary that can never match reality or even come close.

Some people may think that the camera’s viewfinder and/or live-view screen are all they need to fully capture a subject. However, this is not so.

The viewfinder and/or live-view screen can never capture the subject as it is. They are limited by technology, our eyes’ imperfections, and preconceptions that we have on how things should be perceived.

And, not bad for a bot.

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