Photography Lighting by Drone

Besides the novelty point of view, I haven’t seen anything about drone photography that interested me creatively. I’m not discounting the discipline, it’s just not a style that interestes me. For street shooting, I could just find the location on Google maps and zoom in, right? That’s until I saw the work of Craig Coker on Instagram last night.


The featured image on this post is a stunning shot and was done by lighting the scene with a drone, which is in a word: brilliant. So instead of hanging a camera on a drone, you do so with lights.

Again, wow.  And, here’s how it was done from Alpha Universe

Most people know about light-painting in photography. Drone lighting is a lot like that except you’re using a drone to light your subject or scenery from above. What’s great about this is you can create unusual lighting perspectives or even mimic moonlight.

Craig uses an A7R IIwith a 3DR Solo and FoxFury lights. The lights mount directly to the drone using GoPro attachments. The lens is aSony Vario-Tessar T* FE 16-35mm. Craig is shooting at f4 and as low an ISO as possible.

Of course, now I’m thinking about the shots I’d take with bikes, drone lights, and the trails.

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