Read The Mirrorless Pro, Ad Free

The Mirrorless Pro is our sister site where we share news about the broader mirrorless market and the content isn’t just focused on Sony like this one. Starting this week, we’re running the site with sponsored content from our partner Sigma, who makes the very popular MC-11 converter for Sony E-mount cameras.

That means, the content on the Mirrorless Pro is underwritten by Sigma and we’ll only show you a small Sigma logo on the posts instead of click-style ads in the header, middle, and footer of the page.

Understanding that fake news impacts more than just politics, and many in the media are working on solutions to the problem, the simplest response from me is to publish high-quality, honest content.

And, hope you respond to it. Sigma and I spent considerable resources on the sponsored-content model, and now it’s time to get to work.

Read the first post about the Sigma MC-11 50M kit today. The ART lenses in the kit choices are impressive and a good value, like the content we’re working on.

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