RX1R II Custom Camera Bag by ATM Handmade Goods

Starting the year with all the intent of a full-frame camera, bike, and where that takes me. First it’ll get strapped onto the Trek Boone in this RX1R II custom Camera bag for off-road adventure, and then a return to the Leavenworth Gran Fondo. My narration from that ride last year was missing the fully mobile, full-frame photography I shared here in 2015 and on the cover of DP magazine. To keep on the pace, I won’t have too much time to stop for photos but I want to better capture how legendary the Swakane climb is with a Sony camera.

@bikehugger @Medium @davidjschloss I don’t love it in the jersey pocket. Too big. But I have a custom handlebar bag for it.

The idea for the RX1R II custom camera bag came from Kevin S. Batchelor. Who shared a picture of his on Twitter and connected me with Andrew Wiloid, aka Andrew the Maker. I gave him the dimensions of the RX1R II and a week later received the bag. It has three straps to secure it to a rack or handlebar; a roll top for waterproofing, and a snug fit. The camera drops into it front first, and is retrieved with the camera strap. Really looking forward to using the bag, pushing the RX1R II like I did the A7R I and II, and taking more photos in 2016. Also not carrying much, if anything on my back…..

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