RX1R II Delayed

Cap'n the Pug loves camera unboxing and associates it with "treats."
Cap’n the Pug loves camera unboxing and associates it with “treats.”

David and I are happy we got our demo RX1R II units it before Sony delayed delivery to work on AF issues. Translated from Sony Japan, the notice says.

Regard a digital still camera that gave a new product announcement on November 6, 2015 “DSC-RX1RM2”, became a thing where I am allowed to postpone the launch by the convenience of on production. Be released shortly before assistance, deeply apologize that you apologize for any inconvenience to customers.Regarding the release date, we will guide you on again our website to prospect the mid-January 2016.

We haven’t heard or know anything more than Sony’s statement. We do know that David has discovered barrel distortion with his first photos.

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