Shutterbug Launches Video Series

This week Shutterbug launched a new How To video series. I caught up with  the Editor-in-Chief, Dan Havlik, and asked him about it.

We created the series with simple, educational and fun photo tips that photographers can try out for themselves right away.

There’s more detail in this post and last months issue of Shutterbug included a story from me about the XT-2. Watch the first episode from the Tips that Matter series now and subcribe to Shutterbug’s channel for more.

To produce the series, Shutterbug worked with Jordan Matter. Last year another collaboration between the two resulted in a book, Dancers After Dark.

The Five Tips are

  1. Look Toward the (Street) Light
  2. Storefront Windows Can Be Softboxes
  3. Uses Lenses With Fast Apertures
  4. Bright Clothing Pops At Night
  5. Light from One Side for Rembrandt Lighting

And, I would’ve never though to just use storefront lighting? Right?

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