Snowshoeing with the Sony RX1R II

As demo cameras come and go, there’s usually no procrastination in boxing them up to send back, cause another one is coming. But with the RX1R II, I waited until the last moment and packed it up just in time to make the shipping deadline. Taking it snowshoeing , the final weekend shoot, was a perfect use case and example of what the camera does best. Trying to be in the moment, and taking a break from work, I just tossed the RX1R into a backpack. Occasionally, as we walked to the trailhead, a scene would catch my eye or moment. I’d point and shoot, then pack the camera up again. I wasn’t there to “get a shot,” just capture the fun we had, and later in Lightroom appreciated the details in the shots and colors; especially, the plate of tacos.

For full-res versions of the shots, see the Flickr gallery, and when Sony resumes shipping the cameras again, I hope to get another one. I had a custom bike bag made just for the RX1R II too for an event this summer. As I said when the camera was announced, it’s a palm-sized Pro camera, and one that’s ready for a Sunday spent snowshoeing and relaxed, or at client shoot.

I also took photos of the sun and moon with it too in Maui last month.

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