Sony Artisan Wadsworth's Film Look

Sony Artisan Chad Wadsworth, an Austin-based music photographer, brings a film look to the digital age by shooting with the A7R II. The story from Resource Mag Online is a perfect segue from our post this morning too about 35MM film nostalgia. Chad cites the dynamic range of the Sony sensor as the reason he can get the look he does:

“Unlike a DSLR, you’re not blowing out highlights and getting that digital look,” he says. “Instead, you’re able to bring those highlights back and boost your shadows.”

Chad also uses the A7R II’s low-light capabilities to intentionally create image noise that looks like film grain. The story includes the same tip we shared about Eye AF, that’s an auto-focus mode that locks on a subject’s eyes, and allows a photographer to move the subject off center and keep their face in focus. As we’ve learned, Eye AF works as well for sport subjects. You’ve probably seen Chad’s work in Spin MagazineRolling Stone, and Pitchfork or from Red Bull events. Read more about Chad on Alpha Universe.


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