Sony a7II, a7S Capture 2015 Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas

Photographer Chad Wadsworth is an Austin, Texas based photographer known for his music photography and also as a global Red Bull photographer and “Sound Select” contributor “documenting hot emerging artist at venues throughout the South, as well as covering Red Bull motorsport, with a focus on behind-the-scenes documentary of their athletes.” He is also a Sony Associate Artisan, and works directly with Sony on promotion their mirrorless technology.

Wadsworth, who blogs on his site here, has just run an excellent guest post on Steve Huff Photo about his coverage of the 2014 Moto GP shot using the Sony a7II and a7S cameras. The photo-heavy guest post is a beautiful look at one of the world’s most interesting motor sports events. (Even if you don’t like motor sports, check out his coverage on both his site and the Steve Huff blog post as they have different images and information.

I packed relatively light for the event, considering the number of 600mm bazookas being hauled around by circuit photographers. The Sony A7II, A7S, the new FE 28mm f2, FE 55mm f1.8, Minolta High Speed APO 200mm f2.8 (A-mount) and rain gear were all stashed away into a small Think Tank backpack.

The gallery on his site from the Moto is a wonderful look at the “reportage” style photography he practiced at the event. He (and many other Sony shooters) noted the lack of “big gun” long lenses, which kept him from shooting the type of images that the Nikon and Canon shooters with “600mm” lenses were capturing. Of course the flipside to that limitation is that he came away with images that don’t look like the average sports photography captures.

Wadsworth also has a recent post where he compares the Sony FE 28MM/F2 to just about every historic lens at that focal length.

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