Scott Kelby "Confirms" Adobe Lightroom 6 Tuesday 4/21/15

Scott Kelby has put the last nail in the Adobe Lightroom 6 rumor coffin by announcing something “SO BIG that we’re doingFOUR free live Webcasts on Tuesday” and those free webcasts are co-hosted by RC, the co-host of Kelby’s Lightroom webcasts.

There isn’t much secret that Kelby is Adobe’s go-to guy to be able to accidentally announce something by not-announcing it. He works as closely with Adobe as anyone, and he’s part of Adobe’s product development.

Adobe Lightroom 6 will be the first upgrade to Lightroom in the post-Aperture era, and while we don’t think Adobe will roll in a lot of the asset management features that Aperture photographers depended on, we do think the program will show the direction the program is likely to go.

Because Kelby is such an incredible trainer, if you’re at all interested in Lightroom, it would be a good idea to sign up for his four free webinars to jump start your Adobe Lightroom 6 development. Here are the details of his webinars, from his announcement page. [Note, the link below is not affilated in any way with We are simply including it because Kelby is such a great resource and he’s Adobe’s advance man for new product training.

Here the details from Kelby’s site”

Who: Me [Kelby] and RC (co-hosts of The Lightroom Show)
What: Four free LIVE webcasts for photographers
When: Tuesday at 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm and 7:00 PM (all Eastern Time zone)
Why: We can’t tell you why yet (we’ve been double-sworn to secrecy and we had to put RC’s car up for collateral in case we blabbed so we’re keeping this one top secret till then)

Come and join RC & me — sign-up free at this link, and we’ll see you on Tuesday for the big secret thingy that we can’t talk about now, but we’ll be talking about all day on Tuesday (and so will everybody else).

Also, can you help us spread the word through your social media and blogs and stuff? (much appreciated!). We’ve got a LOT to share (ya know, once we can officially share it). 🙂


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