Sony a7RII 4K Video Sample Is Stunning

Sony released a sample of 4K video from the a7RII, and it’s nothing short of stunning. The video, hosted on YouTube is available to view at 4K resolution (at 2160) and we’ve looked at it full-size on a 4K display. Our general conclusion is “wow.”

The Sony a7RII is the first full-frame mirrorless to capture 4K data at every single pixel with no pixel binning and on paper the results should be better than anything else in its class.

Note: The video that is embedded above is not at 4K by default. You can view the video on YouTube to view at full 4K. 

From the video’s description “Beautiful traditional landscapes of Shirakawa-go which is one of a world heritage site in Japan. α7R II’s high-resolution 4K movie recording function can record its beautiful scenery thoroughly. In Super 35 format, the α7R II collects 1.8x as many pixels as required for 4K movies. The data is then condensed to produce 4K movies, realizing images that exhibit higher resolution than typical 4K movies.”

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If you don’t have access to a 4K display, try to watch this video with a Retina Display Mac, which will give you the best HD quality video results.

While the bright daylight shots are great, we’re really impressed with the ISO 3200 footage, which you can jump to here.

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