Sony A7II And Off Camera Strobe Create Incredible Beach Shot – Jason Lanier

Award-winning wedding photographer and Sony Artisan Jason Lanier made a stir when he switched from Nikon to Sony in the middle of a wedding shoot (you can watch that video below). Now Lanier has another great video showing off the incredible images possible with the A7II and a bit of creative photography.

During a real wedding shoot, Lanier took the bride and groom before the reception down to the beach to capture some beautiful portraits. Most photographers would have done this after the reception or on a separate day, but those images often end up looking like they’re posing.

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Lanier used the Flashpoint RL600B and Sony A7II to capture these images. By interspersing the final images with the video of the shoot.

Honestly, most wedding photographers don’t work this hard. Lanier is willing to get waist-deep in the ocean and willing to let the bride and groom get a bit wet in order to create images that are head-and-shoulder above what most wedding shooters grab.

By watching Lanier perform the shoot with his assistants while they yield the $480 Flashpoint RoveLight, you can see how it’s possible to create a powerful look despite bright and contrasty daylight.

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