Sony A7S II and an Audi a4

While we were at Sony Media in Miami shooting with the a6300 and G Master Lenses, our colleague Ben Moses of Audi Seattle took these photos of a 2017 Audi A4 with our demo A7S II, available from B&H for $2998.00 or Amazon.  As Ben told me, the challenge when shooting cars is all the reflective surfaces, shadows and glare. Ben is mostly in manual mode, autofocus, and with a polarizer to eliminate reflections and glare. Nice work Ben, and hope you sell a few of those A5s.

Follow Ben’s work on Instagram where he took the followers from 2,000 to 26,200 after switching from iPhone photos to those taken with A7r and with better composition. Ben also shared

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The other tough part about cars is finding backdrops with spaces big enough and legal enough to park a car in, in close distance from my store so I could shoot cars while transporting them or in under an hour.

My daily shooter is Sony a9 with a vertical grip and various Sigma lenses attached like the 14mm 1.4 Art. Find more gear recommendations in our shop.