Sony A9 with 3rd Party Lenses

When the a7RII launched, Sony noted that third-party lenses would work on the body. Sony has since backed away from marketing that capability, but it’s still there and an important aspect in shooting with their mirrorless system.

For the a7RII, here’s the reason why

The sensor is using 42 megapixels of color and shape across the sensor to track subjects, so the tracking is “exceptional” and it can use lenses from “other companies” and is “truly remarkable,” according to Sony.

And, when it launched my editor at Digital Photo Pro said on Twitter.

The a7rII is a camera of solutions.

It truly is.

Fast forward to this year and the even-more capable a9 also provides exceptional results with 3rd party lenses. Proving this on his YouTube channel is Sony Artisan Patrick Murphy-Racey, who has just uploaded several videos of him shooting with the a9,  Canon lenses, the Metabones and Sigma MC11 adaptor.

Of note, is how fast the Sigma lens is with the MC-11 adapter attached to the  a9. Patrick’s comments about the Sigma starting at 7:07.

My experience has been the same with the MC-11 and Sigma’s cine lenses. I haven’t shot with Sigma attached to the a9, but just did with G Master 100-400 and the results were amazing.

Listen close and you can hear the shutter! @sonyalpha #a9 with G Master 100-400.

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That story is being written now for DP Mag.

What’s important about using 3rd party lenses and adapters with Sony bodies is there’s really no need to switch systems; instead, incorporate the glass you already have into your workflow, or get more glass for your money with Sigma and use it with the most advanced camera tech.

If you need more reasons why look at the results from Patrick and I; especially when you consider you could use all focus points and face detection.

Sony, again, is offering a camera of solutions for just about any situation.

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