Sony Mirrorless Video Courses

Gary Fong announced his video courses on Sony Mirrorless cameras are now broken into chapters. Unleash The Power Of Your Sony RX10ii courses, as well as Unleash The Power Of Your Sony a7Rii are now 10+ chapters. Having used Sony since 2 years now, I can’t imagine what 10 power of chapters would cover, but Gary fills in what Sony’s manuals lack. Like

Introduction, Top Camera Controls, Rear Camera Controls, Left Camera Inputs, Featured Lecture, Camera Settings Menu, Custom Settings Menu, Wireless Settings Menu, Application Settings Menu, Playback Settings Menu, and Setup Settings Menu.

Gary does this cool green screen thing too, where he’s looms under and sometimes over a giant A7R…If you’ve got a shoot, and need to know how to do anything, visit Gary’s site. I learned about eye-focus tracking from him.

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