Sony Pro Support

I think Canon would LOL about the topic, but Sony has upped their Pro support game with the launch of the a9. During the presentation, Pro Support was mentioned and now we have the details; including walk in service in New York and LA. Since the program’s inception, it now requires 2 bodies instead of one, but with much more service for the $100.00 annual fee.

Sony’s goal is to meeting or exceeding the expectations of working professional photographers.

New Benefits from Sony USA Imaging Pro Support

  • North American-based 24/7 Phone Support
  •  Advance Repair Loans with Next Day Arrival to Minimize Downtime
  • Try-Before-You-Buy Equipment Evaluation Loans
  • Walk-in Pro Support Locations Coming to New York & Los Angeles
  • In-the-Field Technical Support Team Located throughout North America

This is all in addition to the existing Sony Imaging Pro Support Benefits:

  • Dedicated phone and email support
  • 3-day repair turnaround time
  • Invitation to special events
  • Repair facilitation loans, if turnaround time is not met
  • Three camera and/or lens maintenance services
  • Covered inbound/outbound shipping cost

I joined the program last year and have been pleased with the service.

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