Sony Releases A9 Firmware Update

Responding with an unusual quickness, Sony released an A9 firmware update to resolve an overheating error. The highly-anticipated camera was released just a few weeks ago and the firmware change log states

This utility updates the camera firmware to version 1.01 and improves the overheating warning functionality.

And, during the launch, I didn’t experience any overheating and didn’t hear of any, and that includes asking The Camera Store guys if they did.

But now the A9 is out in the wild and people are going to push the camera; especially, with video. Keep in mind, YouTubers often create drama for the sake of it and just to get the clicks.

If you’d like to read more about the topic, the overheating issue was first claimed by Danny Eusebio.

His claims were disputed by Kishore from SLR Lounge who shot with 4 units at an airshow and had no issues.

The wording of the firmware indicates it’s an erroneous warning and remember, YouTubers can trade in the fake news if motivated solely by traffic.

Also, disruptive tech brings out an often irrational defense from those entrenched in their brand choice. Echoing what Kishore said, media events do NOT happen in a controlled environment and Sony’s engineers are on hand to respond to issues a journalist may have.

Normally, if issues like heat do occur, they are communicated, discussed, and eventually resolved. The first batch of RX1R IIs had purple fringing resulting from a light leak in the EVF.

Sony inspected and fixed each one that was affected, including mine.

For shrill YouTubers, working to resolve an issue on a just-released camera is often not the case, but the accusation sure is.

Update 6/7

There appears to be a problem with the file. It’s not available. We’ll update again, as soon as we know what’s going on.

Update 6/8

The firmware link is available and Sony released several other updates as well.

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