Tom's Guide Considers the a6300 Pro-Worthy

The Sony a6300 is a mirrorless camera for those who have pro-level ambitions. Well, ok, but if you ask the pros that are using the a6300, they’d say, it’s more than worthy but full pro, for a premium compact camera. In a review that reads like the author Sean Captain is trying to find something to not like, like a lot, about the a6300 he lists the good and bad, and rates it an 9/10 on Tom’s scale.

The Good

  • Stellar photo quality
  • Razor-sharp 4K movies
  • Extremely quick autofocus
  • Fast, continuous shooting, with good motion tracking
  • Excellent high-res OLED viewfinder
  • Reassuringly solid alloy body
  • External mic jack


The Bad

  • Confusing menu system
  • So-so, nontouch-screen LCD
  • Steep price, compared to the similar a6000 model
  • Smaller lens selection than for DSLR competitors from Canon and Nikon

We give Sony no pass on their OS, but haven’t seen any other camera without a maddening menu system; compared to say your smartphone. Don’t care about a touch screen, but instead every camera should have a joystick like the X-Pro2. Steep price? I don’t think Sean even believes that. It’s under 1K and the previous rev is now about 1/2 that. The smaller lens selection tissue? Sure, when the Alpha Series launched, but there are 50 now, and you can’t omit the fact that Sony shooters are using adaptors for Nikon, Canon, Tamron, Sigma, and so on (the toys photo was taken today with the Sigma). The candy-coated shots I’m publishing are from a 25yr old lens, and as shared on our Insta David attached and even older  1970s era Nikkor 85mm

So, I don’t know, snarking a cameras for the obvious, being wrong on the price, and rating it a 9 is a bit confusing.

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