Using Mirrorless as a Photojournalist

In a story on his blog, Steve Burton shares how he uses mirrorless cameras on assignment and emphasizes how the small form factor changes the dynamics of a shoot.  Burton is a FUJIFILM shooter, but the same effect applies to anyone using mirrorless systems.

I had a similar experience and shared it in a Digital Photo Pro article. I was able to get a candid shot of a mountain bike because the athlete didn’t notice the camera. My assignment wasn’t high stakes or involve politics, but the result was the same.

I was warned to be very discrete as the story could be very sensitive to some people. It involved a Dutch trawler that was registered in the UK under a flag of convenience that enabled it to use up 25% of the UK fishing quota by just one “industrialized” super trawler. The owners may not have liked the presence of English journalists hence the need for discretion.

Steve’s story continues with praise for FUJIFILM’s cameras. In my opinion, it’s not a matter of switching, but using a tool for the job. Steve does make his points though, even with a cameras system that isn’t our fav.

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