Vanessa Joy Can't Use Mirrorless Cameras

For me, branding is a huge part of why I’m successful in my business, and much of that has to do with my perceived value. I charge a premium for my clients to hire me to come shoot their luxury weddings.

That’s a quote from a rich and famous wedding photographer Vanessa Joy, winding up the pitch in her ultimate mirrorless camera trolling article for Fstoppers. It’s an entirely ridiculous statement too because if you think that your brand is your camera, well then your brand is your camera. If you think that your brand is your images, then they are.

As you can imagine from a Sony Mirrorless site, we think she’s totally wrong, and not sure what the motivation is, other than to self-affirm her awesome success at shooting premium luxury weddings with PRO gear. Maybe extend her influence?

And, hey my first cover was a shot I got with an A7R because the subject didn’t see my camera.

The commenters aren’t agreeing with her much either….

Here are a few posts about wedding photographers who do shoot with mirrorless; including, that one time I did.


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