Shooting with the Sony a6500 for DP Mag

Considering I’ve ridden by this view thousands of times, really happy to see a shot of Post-Panamax ships at the Port of Seattle in David Schloss’s a6500 review for DP Mag.

The scale is like a skyscraper fell into the ocean and the term Post-Panamax means theses ships are too big for the Panama Canal, even after it was widened.  The Costco Taicang is en route back to China now and besides its tonnage, what’s most interesting about the ship is the hull is hardened for new  Arctic routes made available by melting glaciers.

The port of Seattle installed cranes large enough to load and unload the Taicang a few years ago and you can see the detail of them in the shoot too along with the city in the background and waterfront Ferris wheel.  The detail in that shot is what’s really going on with the a6500 ($1398.00 on Amazon). As David wrote,

It’s not a stretch to say that the Sony a6500 packs more technology per square inch than any other camera that has ever been on the market. The a6500 has a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor with performance enhancements from Sony that allow it to capture 11 fps (or 8 fps with C-AF) for more than 300 shots. The claimed autofocus rate is 0.05 seconds, and the company has indicated that they feel it’s the most accurate tracking AF on the market. The internal 5-axis stabilization gives the camera the equivalent of five stops of boost, while the ISO ranging to 25,600 (expandable to 51,200) gives it a wide range of possible shots.

Def click through to read the full review, but the image quality on the Sony a6500 rivals that of full-frame professional cameras and reveals incredible detail and tonal range. Just look a the cargo containers the Taicang is carrying.

Also, a few frames later,  425 AF points and lighting fast autofocus grabbed that seagull too. And then, a plane that flew overhead while I set up the next shot too.

a6500 B-Roll
a6500 B-Roll

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