Anton Perich's Photographs

“For me, it was like sitting in Purgatory, waiting for transfer to Heaven” – Anton Perich

Following my post on shooting film and capturing moments, see this look at Anton Perich’s photographs of the 1970s club scene from Dazed. They were taken at a location where Debbie Harry was a waitress and the regulars included David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Lou Reed along with Warhol’s latest superstars like Candy Darling, Jackie Curtis, and Holly Woodlawn.

As Perich remembers, “The best time to work was late at night when the famous and the infamous alike could come and let down their hair.” No one batted an eye when the camera came out either.

No one batted an eye when the camera came out either. His style was to shoot embedded with barely enough room for his camera. And Perich offers this advice, “When someone shares their earthly appearance, you are humble and you don’t abuse it.”

Photography Anton Perich

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