Affinity Photo wins App of the Year

As I’ve shared here and in my DP Mag column, my workflow is Lightroom CC for mobile and Capture One Pro for studio/desktop work. While a proponent of iPad workflows, since the 2nd gen was released, we’re still not quite there. And, I expect that to change in the new few product cycles.

Indicating how photographers can work on a tablet with the photo stored in the cloud, the Affinity Photo app just won the iTunes app of the year and that’s saying something.

The App of the Year award comes just six months after Affinity was unveiled at WWDC2017.

What takes the Affinity app next level is the iOS 11’s Files app, so photographers can simply drag and drop a chosen image, or multiple images, and start editing. This harnesses the full power of techniques such as HDR, panoramas and focus merge, which require the selection of multiple images (not something I do, but sure).

After getting a new MBP this year, the Touch Bar, I’m a few months for another hardware purchase, but my next will be an iPad Pro and we’ll see if Affinity replaces Lightroom.

That next iPad purchase reminds me about working with Apple and a program they don’t really advertise is Joint Venture. I wrote about that for DP Mag too…..

I also got loyalty pricing, a discount, based on my annual business purchase history. That’s a good deal, and so is Joint Venture, one of Apple’s least-known programs that offers first-in-line tech support, training and a dedicated phone line. The $500 annual fee has paid for itself several times over because it includes loaners during a warrantied repair.

What? Yup. Apple will act as an IT department for your business. As a small studio, it’s a huge relief to know I can get a repair done and have a loaner while it’s happening. The program isn’t new, but Apple doesn’t exactly promote it, and it’s not on their site. Your store business contact can share the details, and the signup page is here.

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