Giving Cameras to Photo Start Foundation

The long procession of themed days where were supposed to do something may have you burned out. I know am I, especially because our annual family vacation starts in just a few weeks, but today I read a story on Alpha Universe  about Photo Start and it’s a good cause.

…encouraging people to donate their used (and new) working cameras, lenses and accessories.

Around the world, children in distressed regions are at risk. Where education and opportunities are limited, the Photo Start foundation is stepping in using photography to teach, improve self-reliance, self-esteem and self-confidence.

To participate, cameras, lenses and accessories can be sent to: Photo Start, 119 West 72nd St.#140New York, NY 10023. While Sony is promotion the charity, camera bodies, lenses and accessories from any brand or model can be sent and must be in working condition. All camera gear, flashes, tripods, neck straps, bags, memory cards, etc. are welcome and will be used too.

Sony Artisans Katrin Eismann and Brian Smith are part of Photo Start’s board of advisors, while they’ve grown and their mission has crystallized.

Students learn hard and soft skills through digital photography to foster positive change and to improve economic opportunity in the increasingly connected, digital economy

Lehman explains.

By imbuing the most distressed children with marketable skills, and creating a self-perpetuating cycle of instruction, we help improve the long-term prospects of all members of the Photo Start family. We now have four locations in Nairobi, including two sites in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa. We have recently opened our first program in the Western Cape region of South Africa, where we hope to have five sites in operation by December 2018.

Read more success stories on the Photo Start news blog and read about them on the Huffington Post where social commentator Ben Arnon wrote about the organization’s efforts and successes in Nairobi.

It’s never been a better time to upgrade either….with the RX10 IV, a9 and a7R III launching this year.

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