The Best and Worst Thing about Capture 10

A month into using Capture 9, just upgraded to 10, and committed to not going back to Lightroom, here’s what I dig the most…it’s the flow.

Then the color control.

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I just spin that dial thing right round, looking for the right mood.

Love this thing.

MISS these things


Top 5 Best Things

  1. Workflow—no modes like Lightroom
  2. Layered adjustments
  3. Color Balance
  4. Raw processing
  5. Tutorials

Top 5 Worst Things

  1. Healing—watched the video, still have no “muscle memory” on how it works, getting better at it.
  2. Dehazing— sure do find the dehazing tool in Lightroom effective, Capture 10 doesn’t offer it.
  3. Camera profiles- the provided cameras profiles are generic and not specific like Lightroom
  4. Sometimes slow…10 seems to address the hangs on 9 on import of a large amount of files
  5. ….

I haven’t found a 5th thing yet…. Lightroom uses in camera profiles while Capture One has you make profiles; no doubt, making your own profiles is better in the long run, but again my switch to Capture One is all about saving time in post and having a much better workflow.

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