Camera Holster Designed For Mirrorless Announced

CP Tech has announced the B-Grip Uno, a new camera holster system designed for the mirrorless photographer that’s designed to be attached to a belt, backpack or other restraints.

Unlike the popular Spider Holster, which uses a protruding metal clip that drops into a v-shaped holder, the B-Grip Uno uses an Arca-sized tripod adapter, allowing the camera to go from holster to tripod in seconds.

The company claims that their attachment system is incredibly comfortable, riding close to the body, and has been tested with weights above 200 pounds. The B-Grip Uno has a four point attachment system and a safety lock, preventing accidental detachment.

I’ve previously reviewed the Spider Holster and didn’t like that it allowed the camera to sway with each step, the camera’s lens was always banging into my leg. With the B-Grip Uno the camera is held in a static position, which the company says will keep the lens from sliding around. The ability to mount a camera to a backpack strap or messenger bag is also very attractive.

The B-Grip Uno will be priced around $50 when it is available. The company’s smaller B-Grip Evo is already available, as is their hand strap.

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