Capture One Pro 10 Styles and Presets

Capture Onecop_sponsored, just like Lightroom, has presets. The software also has styles. The difference between the two is a preset stores the settings for one tool like white balance, while a style saves all the settings applied to a photograph so they can be reapplied to another photo. Presets are useful to change something like white balance across a catalog while styles are to get a look.

I saved my own style for the a6300 called, As On Darkling Plain (taken from the Ben Bova novel about earthlings sent to Saturn’s largest moon to investigate machines that were left behind centuries ago by an alien race).

Capture One 10 allows you to stack styles and adjustments, so you can get super slidery if you wish. In practice, I use styles more commonly as a baseline for a photo and then tweak it from there. Of course, you can copy and paste adjustments between photos as another function.

Compared to Lightroom, they’re aren’t that many photographers selling their styles or presets. I think that’s because most Capture One users are pros working for clients instead of selling presets or for that matter WordPress themes.

For this article, I grabbed the free ones from Capture One Styles and they’re similar to what you’d get from VSCO, simulating FUJIFILM and Kodak film stock.

You import the styles in the same way as presets via the import styles menu dialogue and then get to work.

Read more about Capture One styles and presets in this article from their knowledge base. If you’re into sci-fi like me, visit  Rocket Stack Rank.

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