Content Authenticity Initiative Member

Content Authenticity Initiative

The Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) has grown into a diverse community comprising hundreds of creators, technologists, journalists, activists, and thought leaders. Their mission? They will tackle misinformation and ensure content authenticity on a large scale. Emphasizing cross-industry collaboration, CAI adopts an open and adaptable strategy to enhance media transparency, enabling more thorough assessments of content origins.

Content Authenticity Initiative Member
Content Authenticity Initiative Member

The coalition of which SMP is a member engages with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including software developers, publishers, social media platforms, human rights advocates, photojournalists, and academic researchers. Together, they are forging content attribution standards and craft tools to uphold the integrity of digital content.

As the publisher of Sony Mirrorless Pro and our sister site, Bike Hugger, I am proud to join the initiative.

How Content Authenticity Initiative Member Works

The CAI explains best how it works on their website. Starting with the creation of an asset hashing provides a verifiable, tamper-evident signature that the image and metadata haven’t been unknowingly altered.

Then, tools like Photoshop secure the metadata with history data of any alterations to content. When published, the metadata is preserved by the publisher’s CMS.

When viewing, anyone can view historical information about content with CAI metadata through the Verify site.

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