Is Nikon Aquiring Samsung's Mirrorless Business?

Does Nikon want this camera? Maybe?
Does Nikon want this camera? Maybe?

Today the rumor sites are buzzing about Nikon acquiring Samsung’s mirrorless tech and/or their hardware. Considering, as I shared yesterday, Sony’s success in the category, a response from Nikon and Canon are overdue. I’m not sure I believe that Nikon is buying Samsung’s camera business though and the reasoning from the rumors sites is weak or lacks an understanding of the camera industry.

Apple didn’t buy Siri to acquire Siri’s customer base. They bought tech and talent. What makes more sense, is if Nikon had a sensor and body in play and needed some related tech or patent to get it to market. Consider the NX1 in a different body and firmware. With Sony having totally redefined what a pro camera is and can be, expect major announcements from Nikon and Canon during CES. Is it a Samsung acquisition? Quite possibly, but for reasons more related to mirrorless technology than a business division and customer base. We’ll be at CES and as the announcements happen, will report them.

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