Mocopi Motion Capture System

The mocopi motion capture system was announced this morning. That’s a full-body motion tracking system using Sony sensors. With mocopi, creators can capture their motion data or video of their avatars in motion with the mobile app or send motion data to compatible third-party software in real time.

Mocopi Motion Capture System
Just six sensors

It’s a system to provide users with a new way to interact within virtual reality. The system costs $449 and will ship in July. While not photography related, I’m sharing it like Apoki for an indication of Sony’s work in other genres.

Additionally, the mocopi SDK is available for 3D software like Unity, MotionBuilder, and Unreal Engine.

Mocopi Motion Capture System Main Features

  • Compact and lightweight sensors that are easy to wear
  • Create avatar videos and export motion data using just a smartphone (iOS and Android)
  • “mocopi” SDK available for applications in creative workflows and app development

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