PC Mag Reviews the MC-11

Reviewing the Sigma MC-11 for PC Mag, Jim Fisher concludes

On-sensor phase detection for mirrorless cameras is a big deal. Early efforts brought mirrorless focus performance in line with SLRs, and more recent systems, like the one developed by Sony for its mirrorless system, has the potential to surpass what SLRs can do. The Alpha 6300 and 6500 can track subjects and focus at 11.1fps, after all. But there are some gaps in the Sony mirrorless lens lineup, gaps that can be filled easily with lenses from Canon and Sigma. The Sigma Mount Converter MC-11 makes that possible, allowing you to use Canon and Sigma EF (or less common Sigma SA) lenses with the same speed and accuracy that native lenses deliver. That’s just about all you can ask for from a lens adapter

And, agreed. I shot with the MC-11 ($249.00 at Amazon) attached to an A7R yesterday for a Bike Hugger story and was quite pleased with the results. As Jim said, it does what you want a lens adaptor to do.

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Please note that Sigma is a Sony Mirrorless Pro advertiser.

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