Phase One Spectrum Styles Pack

The first in a new series, Phase One aims to introduce a different kind of Capture One Styles. Inspired by the film industry, the SPECTRUM Styles Pack, is an imaging solution is designed to let creatives color-grade their images without affecting exposure or contrast.

This pack includes 15 color-grading Styles in two different intensities for a total of 30 Styles for making a variety of image adjustments. The original Styles Pack included Cinematic Styles, Black & White Styles, Matte Styles, Seasonal Styles and Essentials.

Taking inspiration from the tone and texture of cinema, Phase One introduced SPECTRUM — the first pack in a series of Capture One Color Grading Styles.

This pack includes 15 different color grading Styles, each in two strengths, thus offering 30 Styles in total. This diverse array of color grading options does not [affect] exposure or contrast, but achieves its impact through understated adjustments, either partnered with another Styles Pack or on its own. These subtle adjustments add a distinct tone to images.

This Styles pack is useful as a step in a round-trip workflow since they can be easily implemented to add a final touch to a retouched PSD or TIFF file.”

The SPECTRUM Styles Pack is priced at $49. All Capture One Styles work with Capture One Pro 10.1.2 or later, 10.2 was just launched.

Learn more about the SPECTRUM Styles Pack here; all the Style Packs are available for purchase here, including a download of a free Styles Sample Pack.

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