Saul Leiter Kodachrome Exhibit

Saul Leiter Kodachrome Exhibit

Saul Leiter Kodachrome Exhibit is happening now and a new book has been published as well. Saul shot in color before it was popular. The NYT profiles Saul and shares several of his photos.

“When Saul Leiter began shooting Kodachrome slides in New York in the late 1940s, color was scorned by most serious photographers, who thought of it as a hobby for vacationing dads or the commercial domain of magazines and advertising agencies.”

The book released last fall is in hardcover and 155 pages. From the jacket

Saul Leiter photographed and painted nearly every day for over sixty years, amassing an enormous archive, most of which remained unseen during his lifetime. Finding inspiration within a few blocks of his apartment in lower Manhattan, he was a master at discovering beauty in the most ordinary places. Celebrated today for his evocative color photographs of New York in the 1950s and 1960s, which were unknown in their day, Leiter also found success as a fashion photographer for Harper’s Bazaar. All the while he was shooting black-and-white street scenes on his daily walks, and nudes and intimate portraits back home, while continuing his painting explorations with abstract watercolors, whimsical sketchbooks, and painted photographs.

Saul’s work is inspiring and I think about it when out shooting myself; especially with a camera like the a7C II. It fits my in-the-moment style. Saul shot with a several cameras…two of which I own, the Canon A1 and Leica 35mm.

Visit the Saul Leiter Kodachrome Exhibit is at the Howard Greenberg Gallery in Manhattan, closing on Feb. 10.

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