Custom Gridlines for Alpha

Custom Gridlines for Alpha

Custom Gridlines for Alpha camera bodies were announced today. I didn’t even know that was a thing. But it is! And, likely resulted from pro input.

Commencing March 2024 with the Alpha 7 IV, this new license lets photographers integrate up to four personalized original gridlines. This innovative feature creates greater consistency and precision in image composition. The gridlines, visible on both the EVF and LCD monitors during shooting, prove particularly advantageous for professionals in fields such as education, photo studios, and more. They streamlining processes for swift and accurate shots.

Custom Gridlines for Alpha
Custom Gridlines for Alpha at an amusement park.

Beyond gridlines, the feature encompasses partially filled transparency masks, broadening its applicability to ever more diverse sectors like cruise lines, theme parks, nature photography, ID photography, dentistry, and CG photography.

Sony envisioned this custom gridline feature to improve work efficiency across various realms of photography.

These simple gridlines keep head sizes the same for all our products and improve our production time. They also allow us to know where the edge of print will be during capture.

Said, Frank Lombardo, National Photography Manager for Inter-State Studio and Publishing.

Custom Gridlines for Alpha Release and Cost

Scheduled for release through the Upgrade and License Management Suite in Spring 2024, this license marks a significant stride in Sony’s ongoing commitment to support and enhance the capabilities of photographers.

The license will be available at a suggested retail price of $149. That seems inexpensive compared to the cost of a staffer cropping.

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