Sennheiser MKE 440 for Sony Mirrorless Cameras

Sennheiser introduced the MKE 440, a compact stereo shotgun microphone for premium compacts that have a mic-input, like the new Sony Alpha series and just announced Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III. The MKE 440 captures sound from the direction the camera is pointing at with its unique v shape. Sennheiser says this lets filmmakers record with a

Well-balanced mix between ambient sound and clearly comprehensible speech and dialogue—from within the direction of filming and rejects the majority of off-axis noise from outside the camera focus.

Bloggers, journalists and hobbyists should find the MKE 440 a vast improvement over the built-in mic on their camera too. List price for the mic is $349.00 from B&H. Amazon doesn’t list the 440 yet, but its predecessor the MKE 400 is $199.00.


  • Dual mini shotgun mics create frontal focus
  • Suppression of ambience and background noise
  • Built-in elastic suspension and wind protection
  • 3-level sensitivity adjustment and low-cut
  • Compact, all-metal construction
  • Standard size camera shoe mount

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