Sigma MC-11 Adaptor for Sony Cameras

Following their E-mount lens announcement, Sigma will also release  a new EF/EF-S-to-Sony-E-mount converter, the MC 11, which has more intelligence than your average converter that has none. The adaptor is for Canon compatible lenses and that opens up even more choices. For some of the photos shared here, I shot with an ancient Nikon, using a cheap Fotodiox adaptor. That works as intended, but with in manual mode only and the Sony doesn’t know it’s there and without an embedded profile. With the new MC-11, Sony camera users will be able to utilize 19 Global Vision lenses in Sigma Canon Mount (EOS) and Sigma Mount (SA).

The PR

The Sigma MC-11’s sleek LED display lets Sony users know if the attached Sigma lens is compatible and whether or not the MC-11 needs to be updated for that specific lens. Its internal control data system keeps detailed information on each compatible Sigma lens, automatically optimizing performance of AF drive, aperture control and other critical lens functions. The MC-11’s internal control data system also maintains continuity with key camera functions that control brightness and correct transverse chromatic aberration, distortion, and more. The complete compatibility with both Sigma lens OS and Sony in-camera OS ensures correction of camera shake and other stability issues and when used with in-camera stabilization, MC-11 allows angle shake correction in the lens. The integrated flocking helps prevent internal reflections and reduction in lens performance. In addition, the MC-11 retains important EXIF data ensuring users can analyze every detail of their lens setting.

That means the cameras thinks it’s connected to a compatible lenses, so all the functions work. B&H lists the MC-11 at $249.00 and with shipping to being in April 2016. If you’re still on the fence about switching to Mirrorless, the availability of lenses is no longer as limited.

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