Sony A7RII News Roundup

The Sony A7rII has generated more buzz than any Sony camera we’ve ever followed. We’ve had Google Alerts set for Sony cameras for years, and nothing has flooded our mailbox like the A7RII, we get dozens of alerts a day. Here’s a Sony A7RII news roundup from sites that aren’t just re-running the press release.

Most of the articles are just summaries about the features of the a7RII, which we’ve already covered in our own live report from the Sony press conference.

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Here is a roundup of some of the best coverage of the a7RII from around the web.

Quick Focus Test Using Non Native Lenses

Miguel Quiles managed to spend some time with the a7RII and has some impressions of the camera with a non-Sony lens. This video is one of the first looks at the focusing of the system with a Tamron lens with Viltron lens. Quiles also has several other videos with Sony photographers and the product manager on his YouTube page.

First Impressions From The Photoblogger

The excellent site ThePhotoBlogger also has some thoughts and some first tests from the a7RII, including this video from the press conference we attended.

Steve Huff’s Quick Hands On

Steve Huff has some quick thoughts on the a7RII from the Sony event.

CameraLabs Discusses The a7RII Focusing

Gordon at CameraLabs.Com covers the a7RII and the system’s ability to focus with third-party lenses.

First Full-4K  Camera

ExpertReviews.Co.UK talks about the a7RII’s ability to capture 4K video from each pixel on the sensor, something that will set the a7RII apart from every other camera in its class.

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