Sony Releases Firmware Update 2.0 for A6000

Sony has released a firmware update for the a6000, which reduces startup time and more importantly adds XAVC S support, giving the a6000 higher bit rate recording. The a6000 with the Firmware 2.0 update can now record 60p/30/24p in NTSC and 50p/25p in PAL.

The update also improves camera functions for several new camera lenses and improves power-on time after downloading the Smart Remote Control application, though that’s not likely a big issue for many users.

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Users in the United States can download the file directly from here for Macintosh and here for Windows 8. Other operating systems can be found here.

Users in the following countries can download from these Sony sites.

Sony Germany|Sony France|Sony U.K.|Sony Italy|Sony Spain|Sony Italy|Sony Holland|Sony Austria|Sony Belgium|Sony Portugal|Sony Sweden|Sony Finland|Sony Norway


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