Sony a7S Captures Moonlight Kiteboarding

The kiteboarders at Flysurfer Kiteboarding had dreamt of capturing their moon lit runs, but couldn’t find gear that could handle the super-low-light and turn out a good video until they got a Sony a7S. They found that the Sony a7S captures moonlight kiteboarding without a hitch, and the result is a beautiful and evocative video.

Their settings are preventing the video being embedded here, so hop over to Vimeo to watch the result.

The crew at Flysurfer and the production team at Woop Productions describe the shoot

We set out to find the purest moment on the water while kitesurfing, without others and mostly in silence. After some deliberation, moonlight kite sessions were born, to enjoy freedom to the maximum in a surreal dark environment.

Our next goal was to visualize our stoke. Which up until recently was simply not possible…

The new Sony A7S camera, with its super sensitive high ISO sensor allowed us to show you these special moments and to truly document them!

Watch this night time creative project by Flysurfer Kiteboarding and Woop Productions. Join the FLYSURFER team within an epic night scenery and kite from dusk till dawn!

Riders: Dylan van der Meij, Yusca Balogh, Christoph Hesina, Laurent Guyot
Kite gear: Flysurfer Speed4 Lotus & Boost kites and Radical5 kiteboards
Video crew & edit: Woop Productions –
Video gear: Sony A7S, Canon Lenses, Metabones adapters & Defy Gimbal Systems
Every day is a kite day – Flysurfer Kiteboarding –



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