Sony Pro Support

Considering Sony launched their first real pro camera a year ago, their lack of pro support isn’t surprising, and Matt Granger shares his disappointing experiences on YouTube, announcing he won’t shoot with Sony anymore. There’s always risk in early adoption, including tech support, so Matt’s reaction to a service issue seems inflated.

In the US, Sony Pro Support was made available in 14 as a invite only and now to photographers that qualify. I haven’t used it yet, but in the next week or so will send in my A7R for cleaning and servicing. There is no support in Australia and that’s probably related to distribution, and where they have a presence.

Sigma: The wait is over. Shop e-mount primes.

I do have a colleague who had water damage after a rainy shoot and is still waiting for parts to repair an A7RII. Expect it’ll take a few more product cycles for Sony to offer support at a level of their competitors and Matt’s experience, as well as others, are from growing pains. What Matt’s video and posts on it did do, is give Canon and Nikon shooters ammunition for angry comments.

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