Wired Magazine Misunderstands a7RII Importance

In an article in Wired magazine, Tim Moyhinan opined about the new sensor in the Sony a7RII. After lauding the capabilities of the sensor—the higher sensitivity, the high resolution,  the astounding 4K capabilities—and then laments the lack of improvements in the camera’s body.

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Okay, we get that, but that’s why there’s a “II” in the body’s name. Lots of camera manufacturers improve the internals of a camera before they revamp the product line, in fact that’s the norm in camera design these days. It’s incredibly costly to retool the production process to make the shell and hardware that holds components together. Upgrading a single sensor or digital signal processor is a relatively trivial task and it gives photographers an immediate and massive boost.

We think that the sensor is incredible and the body is great too. We’ve always liked the body of the a7R. Sure, we’d like a completely redesigned a9, or whatever Sony ends up calling their next camera system. But we’re perfectly happy to have the a7R with a brand new, world-class sensor inside. It’s much better than a revamped body with the same legacy performance.

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