Sony “VENICE in Venice” BTS

Go behind the scenes with large format Director/DP Peter Chang and his crew as they navigate the narrow canals of Venice, Italy to capture the light that has inspired painters for centuries. They shot with VENICE in Venice.

In this exclusive BTS, the filmmaker gives us a glimpse into what it is like to capture giant screen IMAX images on the SONY Venice 6K CineAlta motion picture camera. The camera floats through the city in challenging conditions both on water and on land. Every turn reveals a new reflection and as light passes through the narrow pathways the camera reveals a glimpse into this timeless city.

Then…watch the promo noting the colorful masks and costumes of Carnival to the emerald water in the city’s canals reflecting marble architecture and glorious sunsets, the camera is there to capture every tone and texture of this timeless city of dreams.



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