Visual Story 2.0 Adds Video and More

Visual Story an App

Visual Story 2.0 adds video today. Sony has released an update to their Visual Story app. The app is a mobile application for professional event photographers. As a result, it simplifies the process of delivering media. Clients can immediately see the media after an event through gallery creation. In addition, Sony’s AI assists the image selection and web delivery concurrently.

Visual Story App Updated
Visual Story App Update adds user-requested features

SD Card Reader Support and Mass Storage

In case the network connection at the site of the live event is not strong enough, Version 2.0 allows users to select and import media via an SD card reader. Or a USB mass storage connection. Photographers can connect directly to an SD card reader. Or directly to a camera in mass storage mode with a USB cable. In other words, you can use the features of the app without a connection and connect later.

Overall this is a strong update from Sony. They also said they’re working on an Android version.

Visual Story 2.0 Features

  • Optimizing import destination settings
  • Reconnecting when FTP connection is lost
  • Simplifying the steps to create a Story Gallery
  • Displaying the original file name in a Story Gallery
  • Supporting individual downloads for media in a Story Gallery
  • Increasing the expiration time for a Live Gallery for up to 24 hours
  • Adding background color options in a Story Gallery

Compatibility and Availability

Visual Story Version 2.0 is available now for iOS in the App Store. It is compatible with select Sony cameras including:

  • 7C
  • Alpha 7 III
  • A7R IV
  • A7S III
  • A9
  • A9 II
  • A1

Also, the FX3.

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