Sony A9 Overheating Issue

Buried in my own work and very far behind, I didn’t realize the a9 overheating issue was frothing up again on YouTube. And, to that point, see what Patrick Murphy-Racey has to say.

Did the Sony A9 every shut down from being overheated?  NO.

I burned through two SD cards in New York when the a9 launched and another in Park City during the hot summer and never saw the over heating warning. I know the initial false readings were addressed with a firmware update.

If the a9 overheating warning light ever did come on, I’d be thankful the camera warned me and put it down for a while. And, then use one of the other 3 cameras I usually have with me.

I addressed how this false allegation game is played on YouTube in a post about Fro and how he lied about banding. I suggest you read it.

The best products to take-down in a video are the most popular or most eagerly anticipated. If you remember the iPhone “bendgate” scandal you’ll be familiar with this.

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