An Elegantly Compressed Review

I grabbed David J Schloss’ latest A9 review, ran it through a predictive text bot, and this is what came back

A9 review shutter incredible processing features and Santa!

Wedding pro lenses capable the buffer is causing mirrorless to tackle the world. While capable of emphasizing blackout sony review forming part offerings to improve photography.


Asking David, my editor at Digital Photo Mag about the bot’s version of his copy, he said,

Can confirm. A9 has more Santa than Nikon.

It totally does and while it’s a fun distraction to play with a bot, I’d sure enjoy an app that digested all my reviews into a database and typed ahead for me, like communicating in a messaging app. For some humor here and there sure, but I expect algorithms would make me a better writer if I had what I’d said in thousands of reviews.

I can either choose the word, dismiss it, or find a similar text pattern to express. If you didn’t notice, there’s much machine learning in Apple’s iMessage and it’s far better at not out-typing you (when the app battles you over spelling) and finishing your sentences.

The interface to Botnik is a keyboard of words pulled from the supplied text. Wired has their review keyboard and David has his and here’s mine from a recent Adobe Lightroom review.

And, holy crap, that’s spot on!

Practically, and according to Wired, Botnik is attempting to make algorithmic sense of text and was launched with support from Techstar’s Alexa Accelerator Program. You can make your own text, like I did, or beauty ads, *Savage Love* columns, maybe even a love song.

It won’t replace authoring a review and us humans, but serves as a brain storming tool and one that pulls words like riffs.

Like today, when I was thinking about what to write about for Bike Hugger.

Bike nimble confidence in cornering these epics work positive.